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 Cwm Ivy


One of our favourite walks, whether it is sunny or grey, warm or cold is Cwm Ivy.

To be continued...











Balance... The word comes back to haunt me as I write this. The littlest is up (again) we've already been on a monster hunt, had a piece of toast and 2 poos (going against all the Super nanny laws of bedtime), my bathroom is looking forlornly at me and I remember the plumber is coming back tomorrow and it still hasn't been painted (6months this has taken!) I randomly throw things into the lunch boxes for tomorrow, and try go focus on my musings. The other half randomly asks if an early night is an option? I'll be lucky to see my pillow this side of 11 at this rate.


But this is my life. This is the life of a full time working mum of 2 small boys. And would I change it? No. Simple question, simple answer. Parenthood is hard, without doubt one of the hardest things a human can endeavour to do. It is the greatest balancing act you can achieve.... Oh yeah and I still haven't started the painting, I'm finishing the eldest's loom band for his 'girlfriend'



After months of debate and dithering over the celebration plans for my daughter's second birthday, my husband I eventually decided to forgo the dreaded noisy, messy tea-party with screaming children destroying the carpet and your eardrums, and settled on a quiet family trip to Wiggley's Farm in Bridgend, just a short train journey and taxi ride from our home in Swansea.


 After paying an extraordinarily low price for entry - £3.95 for our daughter and £1 for my husband (I wasn't charged as one adult per paying child goes free!), we began to explore. The indoor area through which you gain access hosts a dining area and indoor jungle gym, split into three sections – soft play for babies, a toddler activity area with a bridge, tunnel and small slides, and an enormous structure for older children, with a ceiling-high slide and rope bridges. Behind this there is also a track for soft-pedal to race.


 Through the door to the outside, you are faced with a menagerie of animal pens. For fifty pence per bag upon entry, you can buy animal food, to tempt over the tame goats, sheep and ponies from their enclosed paddocks. My daughter fell particularly in love with a friendly white billy-goat, who, despite the “Animals May Bite” warning signs, was as gentle as a lamb nibbling the feed from her chubby fists.


 Beyond the animal paddocks there comes the outdoor play areas; again, split into age-appropriate groups, from plastic play-houses and smaller climbing blocks for littler ones, to a swing set, to an enormous wooden tree-house-like climbing paradise for the more adventurous! Wide expanses of grass for the children to run on also hold football goal posts for a quick kick-about. Beyond these are picnic tables set in the shade – visitors are welcome to bring their own food – and further up a track, a pig pen and some old tractors.


 In a field to the side, sheep serenade the picnickers with their bleating baa's, and more ponies graze in their field, as well as there being a run accommodating the smaller fluffy rabbits and Guinea pigs.


 There is a beautiful trail going through the woods on which you can leisurely ramble and visit the resident duck pond, although we didn't make it that far as our birthday girl was far too engrossed with everything else Wiggley's had to offer!

 Although the animals may not be as exciting as the exotic creatures you can see at the zoo's or safari parks, we had a thoroughly enjoyable day, and would recommend parents with smaller children to definitely visit and enjoy the facilities of the farm. We will certainly be returning next year!


Wiggleys fun Farm Review

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Life Balance

With Nerys Martin


Balance... I strive to find it. I strive to find balance to my life, I think this as I'm trying to focus on my yoga stance. My yogi says breathe... Did she say breathe? I can't hear for the sound of blood rushing to my head. I'm trying to focus , all I can think about though is the disappointment that I didn't put the washing on the line this morning, that will be a conversation later about electricity usage and the tumble dryer, other thoughts diving into my head are whether I let the cat out this morning (he has a bladder problem and a penchant for hiding in awkward places) did I pack my eldest's consent letter for his school trip? Did I remember to tell my husband to pick up the littlest from nursery? How am I going to manage sports day next week, a teddy bears picnic and a service review... Oh yeah and breathe!!! My face connects sharply with the yoga mat, and all this in a Monday lunchtime..... The weekend seems like a million years away already, and the count down has begun to the next one.


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